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I'm Sarath Chandran, CEO of Glitz and Glitterati, a versatile entrepreneur, passionate fashion enthusiast, and dedicated welfare worker. My journey bridges the worlds of civil engineering and fashion, where I've found a harmonious blend of precision and creativity. My pivotal moment occurred when I clinched the titles "Mr. Talented" and "Vogue Vibes" in Bangalore in 2018, inspiring me to establish Glitz and Glitterati, a global fashion platform. My fashion journey extends to designing and running a fashion hub in Cochin, India, with my creations gracing prestigious runways. I'm equally committed to welfare work and aspire to inspire the youth, fostering their talents and igniting their dreams. My mantra is simple: "Don't be shattered in pursuing your goals, stay focused, and be accountable." Join me in exploring the realms of fashion, creativity, and philanthropy.

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I'm Sarath Chandran, CEO of Glitz and Glitterati, a respected jury member for 'Mr, Miss, Mrs. Fitness: The Eminent South India 2023.' I've also had the honor of being a guest at 'Mrs. and Miss Fashion Queen Kerala,' inspiring and promoting talent in fashion and fitness.

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About Sarath Chandran

"I'm Sarath Chandran, a dynamic professional who straddles engineering and fashion. As the CEO of Glitz and Glitterati, I seamlessly blend my engineering background with a deep passion for modeling. My journey was transformed by my victory in the Mr. Talented and Vogue Vibes competition in 2018, propelling me to create a global fashion platform. With a rich international experience, I'm dedicated to nurturing emerging designers and adolescents. My distinctive designs grace prestigious fashion events, reflecting my unique creativity and vision."

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Kochi, Kerala


Kochi, kerala


Kochi, Kerala

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